The Doves Are Always Cooing Here

May 26, 2009 by gabriellatal

the doves are always cooing here
little squeezes of sound
bringing tears to my eyes,
born of deep comfort.

their pulsing melody
circles round the houses
and the edges of green
which touch the sand
scooping up the village
in a soft palm of vibration.

as we walk through the gardens
and speak to one another,
little trills of purity
rub their beauty
into our skins
without our even noticing.

it is a wet and wooing sound
in a dry land,
a background
that nudges gently at you
like a mother who holds her babe –
squeezing her to herself.

each squeeze emanates the sweetness of infancy.
each squeeze regales her with
the exquisite pleasure
of her maternity.

by Gabriella Tal 2009 Kibbutz Ketura

A few more India Photos:

(from exhibit “Faces of India, 2006)

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