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I lost contact for a long time due to technical difficulties which were gratefully cleared up for me by my Cousin Bill last night. It’s funny but blog-life stopped just a few months after Obama’s election – as if I’d hoped or believed we’d arrived. It was a definite moment in time, in history, to feel a part of….. and then of course, life goes on.

There was a joyousness at that moment that so much of the world shared. It felt like the humanity was singing a song of praise that we’d overcome bigotry at least to that extent, that we could elect a leader of our very powerful country who was African-American.

So much has happened in this year and a half. I was in Israel again and will share some pictures…my friend Jennifer who has a gift for fertility blessed my pond and suddenly the goldfish after 2 years started spawning. I have babies to give away… let me know! They are beautiful. So fast and colorful. I am working on a new CD with Anderw Marlin and it feels so fresh and new. Like those spawning goldfish, the recording has it’s own nascent energy. Andrew’s youth and his old-soul wisdom join in bringing my songs to life. The CD is not yet named, but to give you a peek in, one of the songs “No One Has Been Denied” [editorial note: This song went on to be titled “Merciful One” and is available on the album Love’s Dream!] goes like this:


and the dust of the air You breathe is glorified,

born to be a particle of that light

carried into your care, the way has been so wild

yet even I have the right to know You,

Even I have my turn by your side

Saints and sinners, all who implore You,

No one has been denied, oh Baba,

No one has been denied — beautiful One — no one has been denied.

And some recent photos — nice to be back, much love — until later — Gabriella

Arava view

Arava - Ein Gedi Cliff

Hi Everybody! Well, in the dead of night, as usual, I’m up realizing how little I understand this technological era! Isn’t it funny how our lives are so connected to these machines and technology? A friend of mine was telling me that connections over the Internet and e-mail are a “pseudo” connection. People feel they’ve connected when they haven’t – not in truth. We connect to an image of each other And it’s a safe connection, made without commitment. One can turn it off or on at whim.

So I try to do lots of things AWAY from technology – and keep my human heart beating strong. Still, this last year, I’ve felt some sort of sommersaulting over myself into the next “dimension” if you will, into this next period of time. There’s a “must” about it. It’ like “grow or die”. Die spiritually, perhaps, not physically. I’ve loved the sense of letting go into the future and I stopped fighting it. I’ve been blessed to be with many people younger and wiser than myself who are another group entirely. They are so strong and clear. It has to do somewhat with where Neptune and Pluto sit in their charts. More on that when I figure it out enough to share it. Anyway I’m grateful for the lessons.

The biggest thing lately out of that, for me, has been MUSIC. Andrew Marlin has been a great source of inspiration to me, helping to “update” my music, if you will. Much more fire came into it.

I’ve also been studying cranio-sacral therapy a little more and it dovetails so much with the Polarity work I do. It’s just profound really.

And a new beginning of reading Meher Baba’s book “Godspeaks” with my reading group here in Chapel Hill, NC. This book guarantees to change your life and the way you see things. My friend Jeff is at Meher Baba’s tomb in India right now and I feel Baba constantly because of it. I’ve wanted to get to India again – I’ve traveled so often there – but my health has been a little more difficult than before. So perhaps in time. It’s in His hands.