Surging Buds

November 19, 2012 by gabriellatal

Surging Buds

today I sit with You

  –an unusual profound still –

as the sweeping rain

   salaams You

and travels through –

   truing my energy body

   like tears.

collecting things of the past

selecting in Perfection what I no longer need

Your servant – the  Rain –

carries away all

    like soft dust.

I remain beside You

      — a tree without leaves now

 and in a timeless horizon,

 surging buds begin to emerge.

swapping an old life for a New

correcting the structures and crumbling walls

        of the past

allowing for the suppleness

and fortitude

of a tree in motion

       (oh Devotion!)

         the wind and rain

 blow through me  — like a song.



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