Share the Joy! Music for Children ages 3-7

Gaby plays for childrenGabriella developed the “Share the Joy” program 20 years ago, teaching in preschools in the Chapel Hill area. She later expanded the program up to the 2nd grade level and has taught versions of it in the CAPS (Creative Arts in the Public Schools) program in Durham and Chapel Hill. Gabriella has a background in socio-drama and child and family work which supports the music and drama components of the program.

“Share the Joy” is first of all – a lot of fun. Gabriella leads the kids in playing games and singing songs together. Some songs are familiar and some are new; she also brings in stories and ideas to experience the old songs in new ways. For example, Old McDonald goes to town and every time he comes back, Mrs. McDonald has a different animal that she couldn’t say no to join them on the farm. The children sing the song, count the number of animals and laugh at the antics of Mr. and Mrs. McDonald.

The song Mr. Curlytail teaches kids about squirrels and their mischievous behaviors. The Muffin Man song gives children a chance to choose what kind of muffin they’d like, to count and subtract as the imaginary muffins get eaten. “One Sun” brings out a conversation about how children everywhere in the world are the same. Colorful posters give structure to the program. The level of difficulty varies depending on the age and abilities of the children. A 3 session “Math Through Music” program is available for Kindergarten to third graders.

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