Circles of Light Review

Circles of Light – Review by Max Reif

Circles of Light, by Gabriella Tal and Mark Malachi, is an unabashed homage to the first flush of love. The CD is a remix of two albums, Blessings for the New Soul and So Close, which were originally recorded in ’89 and ’90. In these cuts, Gabriella is fresh from her initial, astounding discovery of Baba’s love. The chemistry between the two artists themselves is electric, as well.

The title song is a prophetic piece whose chorus goes: “Circles of light/Circles of light/Every wisp of tree/Is an arc of God’s great majesty/Every star that shines/Is an eye of God’s United Mind.” It sets the visionary, often ecstatic tone of the album.

Gabriella has a penchant for putting Rumi poems to music and this CD includes two such efforts, “How Lucky She Was” and “Celestial Caravan.” What more can one ask than lyrics of Perfection, set to a shapely melody and sung/accompanied with passion? Suffice it to say that “How Lucky She Was” quickly reduced this lover to tears. Mark Malachi’s piano accompaniments are at once strong and tender, as in his solo piano piece, “Picture Book”. Mark’S sensitive vocals blend alternate beautifully with Gabriella’s.

Any former flower child will be moved by the tender contrast betweenthe photo of Gabriella and Mark on the front of the CD booklet and the current one on its back. The Eternal Flower Child lives–in this album, and in the heart of every lover. For ordering information about this and Gabriella’s other CDs, go to her website,